The Body Embodied, 2020

The performance facilitates the club-like transformation of the gallery space, breaking the boundaries between the gallery and the club, allowing the public issues of identity flow and display in the club to be discussed in the art space, allowing identity to be achieved through the club scene Concretization.
The flowing identity in the club allows people to release themselves on the dark dance floor. As a DJ, the artist controls the atmosphere of the space and the rhythm of the audience. The audience seat observers will naturally join the performance with the music. The identity of the show is fluid and, at the same time, universal. Different people come to this space to trigger themselves, and at the same time, people have different perceptions under different music. Under the influence of the subconscious, the dancing posture will also change, and personality will also be triggered.
The main style of DJ performance is to deconstruct electronic music, showing the diversity and unpredictability of the club. The rotating laser light gives the space more visual dizziness. The images that are continuously and dynamically broadcast on the projection symbolize the performance, mechanically transforming the performance into a product in the audience’s memory, and engraving the symbol in the consciousness.

Performance: Jan. 24th, 2020. MCAD Gallery 148, Minneapolis
Group Exhibition: MCAD 2021 MFA Candidate’s Group Show: The Body Embodied
Photographers: Emma Shen, Junyao Zhang
Music: Junyao Zhang
Light: Junyao Zhang
Projection: Junyao Zhang
Curation: Junyao Zhang
Equipment: Junyao Zhang, Media Center of MCAD