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Alejandro Junyao Zhang
Email: alejandrojunyaozhang@gmail.com

Alejandro Junyao Zhang is a Shanghai-based interdisciplinary artist who works between performance, 3D animation, experimental video, and electronic music. His works are highly inspired by Shanghai’s underground club scenes, the club kids’ community. Through post-club aesthetics, his works present the duality of visibility of the Chinese queer identity in the clubs and the simulation of physical and virtual spaces for the Chinese queer community.

With an MFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and double degrees of BBS and BMS from Shanghai Ocean University, Zhang’s works have exhibited internationally, including in US, México, Peru, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Serbia; North England, Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin, etc. In 2021, Zhang was selected for the performance project, “The Paradox of Stillness” at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, working with Simone Forti and her assistant Emily Mast to reperform her piece “Cloths” (1967). Now he is a deconstructed-club DJ as Öil Nature, wandering in different clubs in Shanghai, including ALL, 44KW, Aby’ss, Elevator, etc.